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Handcrafted And One Of A Kind Unibody-Butterfly Designed And Assembled In The R&Z


Unique unibody design butterfly

Roser designers and engineers spend countless hours ensuring that each butterfly is finish beautiful and durable,easy applied to life decorative, we has always been adhere to this design philosophy, and now we finally have a simple unibody butterflies.

butterfly decorations
 Creative Port
Only a ioldsheep can connect two (or more) butterflies through port, showing more decorative purposes.

The asymmetric port on every roser butterfly, free combination of your creativity, transforms the way you interact with your DIY and applications, making all you do more intuitive and direct. For different needs from your customers, you can combine design on site, not just record. Your customers will to see the effect of the finished product intuitively and instantly.

butterfly color
creative port for butterfly decorations
 Unibody simple
Colour can change our mood and evoke the imagination

Roser unibody design, absolutely no piles of iron wire and other mess of glued accessories, roser successfully remove excess barriers affect the quality and beautiful, using a unibody design of the butterfly, get ready for every decorative in advance.

Roser, design the butterfly patterns,colours,composition go well with the overall atmosphere of the residential interiors,shopping centres,gift packing,floral decor,holiday decor.


Stylish hand-Butterfly
Stylish gifts decorative butterflies
 Rich and colorful butterfly design

To create specific atmospheres,roser designers would adopt different ways for colour and pattern design,not only produce intense visual impacts,but also easily creates theme, diverse in styles and colours.

Butterfly wedding  decorations,butterfly cake  decorations.
colourful butterfly scrapbook embellishments
Increase emotional factors in pattern

Roser change dull colors and monotonous pattern of old butterfly,to create a lively combination of colors.


Roser give pattern more personalized, the same time increasing the feelings of the decorated space,make your decorative creativity to more inspired.


Enjoy the joy of decorating work, so that those spaces who use the ioldsheep decorative, become the place to enjoy a happy life.

butterfly garlands,butterfly garden ornaments
Roser popular decorative butterflies
butterfly christmas ornaments,butterfly garlands,christmas decorations.
Butterfly By R&Z Creative Decor

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